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RVCA Yogger Mens Shorts

RVCA Yogger 3 Men’s Shorts

These past few years the RVCA Yogger 3 men's shorts have been my go-to travel short. I wear these bad boys almost every day on all of my epic adventures.
RVCA Yogger 2 Mens Short

RVCA Yogger 2 Men’s Shorts

I bought the RVCA Yogger 2 men's shorts for my 2017 travel adventure and man have they changed my short game. I am more than impressed Yogging around.

Knowing the Ocean

A few weeks ago I learned how dangerous the ocean can be and how deadly some animals in it are. Even knowing the ocean you sometimes still need caution.
Boreas Gear Echo Backpack

Boreas Gear Echo Weatherproof Backpack

Both my girlfriend and I put the Boreas Gear Echo backpack to the test during our 8 months traveling around the South Pacific and Southeast Asia.
UE Boom 2 Gear Review

UE Boom 2 Gear Review

The UE Boom 2 is completely waterproof, shockproof and dust proof. Mine has survived island rains, countless days in the sand and even a bicycle crash.
Photive Hydra

Photive Hydra Gear Review

For a full waterproof bluetooth speaker that will not break the bank the Photive Hydra is what you need. It's small and lightweight enough for backpacking.

My name is Sheridan and I'm stoked you found your way to Outsidevibes! I have been traveling around the world since 2013 and Outsidevibes is my travel and outdoor brand created to inspire ADVNTR.

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