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A Quick Backpacking Guide to Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido was an absolute blast and writing this backpacking guide to Puerto Escondido makes me want to go back there immediately.

Best ATM’s in Puerto Escondido

These are the best ATM's in Puerto Escondido. No matter what bank you use you always want to be on the safe side when withdrawing money.

3 Best Chicken Burritos in Puerto Escondido

Just thinking about these wrapped delicacies makes me want to head back to Puerto Escondido! These are the 3 best chicken burritos in Puerto Escondido.

4 Best Taco Places in Puerto Escondido

My mouth is watering just remembering all of the delicious tacos I ate over the 3 months I lived here. These are the 4 best taco places in Puerto Escondido!

4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido

Cheap food does not mean it has to be bad food! After eating all across this city for 3 months I have found you the 4 best cheap eats in Puerto Escondido.

Eddie Bauer Amphib Hiking Shorts

The Eddie Bauer Amphib hiking shorts are fantastically designed but they are a little overkill for lightweight backpacking and travel. Click to learn why.


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