Cheap food does not mean it has to be bad food! After eating all across this city for 3 months I have found you the 4 best cheap eats in Puerto Escondido.

4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
On the hunt for some great food!

Street Stands – There is a difference between street food and STREET FOOD. Located along Calle Segunda Nte, just before Ave. Oaxaca is a street full of small stands selling some of the best and cheapest local food in town.

Papa Tots – OMG my favorite food not just in Puerto Escondido but possibly anywhere. I come from a huge potato culture and finding a place that sells deliciously fried potato ball burritos was phenomenal. Plus Popa Tots is super cheap! 25-45 pesos for balls or burritos. The Indian burrito was my favorite.

  • Wild Tip: Try their infused water of the day. So refreshing!!
4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
The absolute best place in town!
4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
Potato burritos!

Da Tang – Ahhhh Chinese food. Everyone loves Chinese food and after months of tacos it’s a nice to change it up a bit. For 45 pesos you get a giant plate of meat, veggies and fried rice. It’s one of the few places open on Sunday’s! Plus it’s located next to the HSBC and across the street from Papa Tots!

Jugueria La Dulce Vida (El barquito) – Known mostly for it’s fantastic juices, Jugueria La Dulce Vida also makes top stacked sandwiches! Located on the main highway on the turn to La Punta, this was my go-to for a quick breakfast. Especially if I planed to catch the Collectivo into town. For 25 pesos you get a good huevo sandwich, otherwise prices range from 25-45 pesos per sandwich.

  • Wild Tip: Make sure you get your sandwich on the Torta bun not on plain bread, its way better.
4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
Dozens of drink combinations!
4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
Good juice and goofy smiles!

There you have it my 4 best cheap eats in Puerto Escondido! I hope you give them a try, especially Popa Tots! Happy Eating.


4 Best Cheap Eats in Puerto Escondido
Great days on Playa Carrizalillo

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