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Sheridan Cahoon

Hey, I'm Sheridan

I am an adventure photographer, renowned traveler, distance hiker, and digital creator.

As a professional photographer I work with brands and clients to create content that connects.

With a focus on lifestyle, travel, and the outdoor realm I have spent the past 10+ years exploring destinations around the world. I immerse myself in each destination and adventure to bring forth an in-depth story.

Newly based out of Bellingham, WA (one of the best places to get the quintessential Pacific Northwest vibe) I also spend a good portion of every year adventuring abroad, keeping to my nomadic roots. I enjoy capturing everything from long distance hiking, to camping and overloading, tourism and travel, and even beach and resort content.

outsidevibes brand photographer

This is Outsidevibes

Discover the stoke! Outsidevibes was created to bring inspiration and help introduce individuals into the outdoor & travel realm. This is achieved through image creation, sharing personal adventure stories, and in-depth gear reviews. 

The ability to bring positive energy through digital tools, like photography, social media, or writing achieves that emotional connection to a particular destination, product, or experience.

Outsidevibes brand photographer
Outsidevibes azores travel hike scaled | Outsidevibes

My Services

  • Captivate through images
  • Convey a story
  • Tailored packages and deliverables
  • Studio and e-commerce
  • Outdoor or activity based content
  • Provide video stories, with a unique experience or activity
  • Show your product, in action, to your follower base
  • Leverage Reels and TikTok content for expanded visual reach
  • Repurpose campaign photography with a mix of design and stylization

  • Content creation to share what makes your location stand out
  • Highlight all the STOKE for activities and experiences
  • Over 10 years of immersive travel expertise
  • Thorough real-world testing
  • Honest feedback
  • Supplementary SEO focused blog and video reviews, shared to Outsidevibes accounts, with backlinking

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